Trico Homes - Horrible Experience

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While Trico has a great advertising department, sales staff, design studio staff, they do not back that up with their quality of trades, and customer service with fixing warranty work.

6 months after our build we are dealing with possession day issues. I'm sure their new showhomes (that make them money) don't have the same issues.

When we had our walk through a week before possession we noted quite a few items, mostly cosmetic. We were assured of the quality of their service department and that these items would be addressed.

A week later on our possession day, we walk in to find nothing had been addressed. It almost seemed like no one had been in our house since our walk through. They didn't even schedule cleaners to come. I remember thinking - Ok, not a great start, but stuff happens right? They'll fix things...

Since then, I have taken 15 vacation days off of work to be home to address concerns. Yes I am aware that with building a home there will be issues and challenges, but Trico is unreal. I have counted over 5 days where trades were scheduled that didn't show up, or someone forgot the material. The other days are because with some issues we have to discuss it over and over again with different people, at each appointment, with nothing being done. I have to be more on top of what is wrong with our house than they are as they forget the items on the list.

I agree with the other negative review about Trico - they are simply too busy to handle the volume of customer service requests after the builds are finished. Once they have our money, they claim that they 'care', but they really don't. They have great staff, and I made sure to credit the individuals who are great, but they don't have enough of them for the amount of work required.

They send you these surveys to fill out, which I did spend a lot of time making sure I commended them on the great things about the company, which there are quite a few, and provided examples as to why we were not happy with other parts. We even pressed the 'yes' button to request someone from Trico to contact us to discuss these concerns. Have we heard from anyone? No. But when talking to their warranty department, and the sales staff at the show home, they have all seemed to have read our surveys. Interesting. I see someone from Trico responded to someone on here, I'm wondering if this will get their attention.

So I am sitting here on another day off where trades couldn't come (blizzard today, understandable cancellation) but still feeling frustrated as we wouldn't have needed this trades day if the items were fixed back 6 months ago.

Very disappointed where we are with Trico after a very promising start.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada #751497

P.S. - we are fortunate that these are just cosmetic issues. I don't even want to know what their service is like with issues worse than ours.

Trico Homes - Deceitful employees

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Looked at a home and was pressured to put an offer in.Promised it was risk free.

Meaning you have to write a cheque to make an offer $1000. We were promised the cheque only gets cashed if the deal goes through. I was so scared and she continued to reassure me. So we did it.

The offer fell through AND they cashed my cheque! The very one I was told wont be cashed - risk free. Very bad business. I still don't have my money back.

Now they are saying this is not their policy and the sales lady lied. That's not my problem it's the company's problem.

Never buying a home through them.Buyers BEWARE!!

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada #751493

We built with Trico (bad experience) so you made the right decision. However that cheque should not have been cashed - make sure you fight that. That's what we had to do as well, and we had friends that did not go through with buying and their cheque wasn't cashed.

Trico homes has the worst customer service

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I went to the aspen Trico show homes.The sales manager is so rude and unorganized.

She kept telling us she didn't know how much lots were, how much upgrades were. She was condescending and rude. I also dealt with head office and the design centre and they were just as bad. We decided not to build because of the bad reviews and we had firsthand experience that validated these reviews.

I hope they smarten up and learn to treat customers who have hard earned money to spend.Do your research before purchasing a Trico home and hopefully they will get rid of all the rude sales people.

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